• Thank You For Supporting Trails Month!


    During October at Manuels River, we celebrated our Trails and the important role they play in everything we do at Manuels River. We want to thank everyone who supported, volunteered and participated in our Trails Month events and we look forward to seeing everyone again for Trails Month next October!

    Click on the buttons to the right to learn more about our plans for upgrading and expanding the trail system, how you can help, and for more information on our annual fun run, Giv'er on the River.

  • The Manuels River Experience…

    Visit us and discover the amazing geology and natural history of our protected trilobite fossil site near Conception Bay South, Island of Newfoundland, NL, Canada. Explore one of the oldest river systems in North America as you traverse over 6 km of our picturesque river valleys.

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    We Got ‘Em!

    TrilobiteTrilobites are extinct animals that lived in ancient oceans, including the part that became Manuels River. See them for yourself on a guided hike!

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