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  • The Manuels River Experience…

    Visit the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre and discover the amazing geology and natural history of our internationally famous and protected trilobite fossil site. Prepare for adventure as our science interpreters lead you through guided tours, interactive programs and demonstrations… both inside the Centre and along our nature trails. Explore one of the oldest river systems in North America as you traverse over 6 km of one of the most picturesque river valleys in Eastern Newfoundland. All this and more is waiting for you. Come experience it today.

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    We Got ‘Em!

    TrilobiteTrilobites are an extinct class of marine arthropods that inhabited the earth's oceans from the Early Cambrian Period to the Late Permian Period, a time span greater than 300 million years.

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  • Upcoming Events

  • Easter Break Day Camp

    An adventure filled day camp available through Easter Break 2014!

    Day camp starts on April 21, 2014!

  • Kids Club! ~ New~

     We are so excited to announce a new initiative here at Manuels River! The Manuels River Logbook will allow young visitors to complete tasks, attend family and science days and work towards becoming a Junior Interpreter, River Adventurer and or Young Scientist! Visit Manuels River Kids Club for more information.  

  • Young Scientist Series

    Twice a month, on both a Friday and Saturday, the Manuels River Interpretive staff will lead children in an exploration of science! Every session will focus on a new theme/topic and will include hands on activities, crafts, nature hikes, demonstrations, stories and more! Visit What's On for more information.

  • Family Fun Days

    Every month the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre will host a Family Fun Day, an event that is geared towards bringing families together and enjoying the outdoors! For the current listing, visit What's On!