At the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre our interactive exhibits explore the Geology and Landforms, Plants and Animals, and Human Use and Stewardship of the area. Travel through time and learn about the ancient volcanoes, ancient beaches, extinct trilobites, and glaciers that shaped and formed Manuels River; or learn about the present day plants, animals and people that call the Manuels River area home.

When you enter the Centre you will encounter several large rock samples and a trilobite fossil – just a taste of what you can see in the exhibits. Start your adventure by following the trilobite tracks on the floor down to the exhibit level.

Downstairs you will be greeted by a large aerial map of the river with a selection of spectacular photographs taken along the Manuels River trails.

Don’t forget to take your picture with Doxi – our large Paradoxides trilobite.

After completing your tour of the exhibits participate in one of our trail tours to experience first-hand the geology, flora, fauna, and human history of the area.

(Disponible en français)

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