The geology of the Manuels River valley tells a fascinating story about how the Earth developed and took its present day shape.

Walk Through Time explores the geology 650 million years ago and the transformations that have since taken place. This story is told through large, vibrant art panels painted by Newfoundland Artist Diana Dabinett. Visitors can touch the various rock types found along the river and learn what these rocks reveal about the Earth’s history.

Learn about the glacier that once covered the Avalon Peninsula, the river that carved a deep gorge, and the beach that is always changing in Everything Changes. Time lapse photography shows how things are always evolving and changing over time on the river.

Forming Newfoundland explores how Newfoundland and Labrador, as we know it today, was formed.  This interactive exhibit allows you to trace the formation of our province over millions of years!

Learn about the Paradoxides and other trilobite fossils – the extinct marine arthropod that made this area famous. Trilobites were first discovered in the shale beds along the river in 1874 by Mr. T.C. Weston of the Geological Survey of Canada.  Learn about where the trilobites lived, how they were preserved in shale, and how they were discovered. Search for trilobites in our interactive display and touch a 500 million year old trilobite sample!

Our trilobite fossils were generously donated by Dr. Riccardo Levi-Setti. Dr. Levi-Setti excavated the shale beds along Manuels River, prior to 1980, and discovered many magnificent trilobite fossils.

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stantec trilobite photo credit

Trilobites found at Manuels River:

Paradoxides davidis (3 subspecies: davidis, intermedius and trapezopyge)
Eccaparadoxides pusillus (Paradoxides rugulosus)
Eccaparadoxides eteminicus
Acadoparadoxides regina
Hydrocephalus hicksi
Clarella venusta
Anopolenus henrici
Badulesia tenera
Agraulos socialis
Agraulos ceticephalus
Solenopleuropsis variolaris
Meneviella venulosa
Ctenocephalus howelli
Ctenocephalus matthewii
Conocoryphe terranovica
Bailiella manuelensis
Bailiaspis elegans
Braintreela ouangandiana
Eodiscus punctatus
Tomagnostus perrugatus
Diplagnostus planicauda
Ptychagnostus punctuous
Ptychagnostus ciceroides
Triplagnostus gibbus

Please note that this list is currently undergoing revision.