October is Trails Month

October is a great month to experience all that the Trails at Manuels River have to offer. Trails Month is a month to celebrate and support the Manuels River trail system. To learn more about the exciting events planned for Trails Month please click Here

Read below for more information on the many improvements coming to our trails!


Trail System at Manuels River
Manuels River has long been a community destination: the river draws people to explore the cascades and rugged terrain, and to enjoy the many recreation and leisure opportunities the river valley provides year round. The trail system users have access to internationally recognized trilobite fossil sites, geological wonders, bird watching, views of local flora and fauna, a variety of natural and coastal environments and some of the most tranquil settings on the Northeast Avalon. The trail system also provides access to a living laboratory that is essential to the extensive suite of education programming at the Manuels River Centre.


Trail Master Plan
In 2015, Manuels River engaged the services of local firm, Tract Consulting, leaders in land use planning and landscape architecture, to lead the development of a Trails Master Plan. The plan defines and guides upgrading, expansion and maintenance of the trail system for the next 10 years. The development of this comprehensive plan was largely funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the provincial Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development. 


Plan Vision
The vision of the master plan is to enhance the user experience of the trails and provide users with a site to learn and recreate in mind, body and spirit while contributing to the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment of the river valley, the wider landscape and the community.


The Master Plan is founded on:

  • landscape analysis
  • best practices in trail development
  • extensive community consultations


The Master Plan supports the continuation of the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society’s focus on:

  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Recreation


The Master Plan focuses on enhancing the user experience in a manner that is environmentally appropriate, fiscally sustainable, and consistent with community aspirations for the preservation of the natural landscape.










Phased Approach to Implementation of the Master Plan
The Master Plan consists of 3 main phases in addition to several special projects such as an outdoor classroom and lookouts to experience outstanding views. Each phase is located on different sections of the Canyon Trail and Ocean Trail on both sides of the river, with objectives to:

  • Enhance accessibility
  • Ensure the safety of trail users
  • Introduce more looping into the system
  • Enhance wayfinding signage
  • Enhance Centre programming opportunities
  • Prevent environmental degradation
  • Provide additional access for maintenance
  • Addition of amenities such as benches, picnic tables and waste receptacles

Phase 1
This first phase, which was started in late 2016 and will finish in Spring 2018 includes:

  • Upgrading Canyon Trail East from the Centre to the T’Railway
  • Upgrading Ocean Trail East and West from the Centre to Martha’s place
  • Redevelopment of the main trail parking lot (former Visitor Chalet lot)

Phases 2 and 3
Future phases include further upgrading and expansion of Ocean Trail East and West, upgrading of Canyon Trail East, and expansion of Canyon Trail West.


Financing the Master Plan and Trail Upkeep
Implementation of the trails master plan is projected to cost $2.5 million dollars.

Phase 1 of the Master Plan, to be completed in 2018, will cost $780,000. The 3 levels of government have committed to fund approximately 90% of the cost. The Manuels River contribution is $83,000.

Our goal here at Manuels River, particularly during October, is to raise this money through fundraising events and with the help of generous private donors.

We need your help to reach our fundraising goal of $100,000. Click Here to donate now!