Manuels River Kids Club

Does your child enjoy science and the outdoors?

If you answered yes, then on your next visit sign up for the free Manuels River Kids Club and pick up a logbook at the front desk.

What is the Manuels River Kids Club?

A great program that is included free with admission or membership. Get a science interpreter to sign off on any completed tasks in your Manuels River Logbook –  then earn certificates and prizes!

Kids can earn certificates and prizes by:

  1. Completing the activities in their logbook.
  2. Participating in special events and Family Fun Days.
  3. Attending Young Scientist Sessions.

Certificate levels:

  1. Rookie, Junior Explorer, Junior Interpreter.
  2. Spectator, Novice Adventurer, River Adventurer.
  3. Lab Assistant, Young Experimenter, Young Scientist.

Prize levels:

  1. Junior Interpreter
  2. River Adventurer
  3. Young Scientist

Receive a trophy if you achieve all three prize levels!

To become a Junior Interpreter complete all 12 activities in your logbook! Along the way you can become a Rookie by completing four activities (can be achieved in one visit) and a Junior Explorer by completing eight activities!

To become a River Adventurer participate in 12 special events and Family Fun Days. Along the way you can become a Spectator by completing four adventures and a Novice Adventurer by completing eight adventures! These can include Geocaching Adventure Day (winter and summer), the Great Easter Egg Hunt, the Bobber Race, the Haunted Hike and so much more!

To become a Young Scientist attend 12 Young Scientist Sessions. Along the way you can become a Lab Assistant by attending four science sessions or a Young Experimenter by attending eight science sessions! Young Scientist Sessions are generally offered every second Friday and Saturday.