Marine Biology Touch Tank


Returning in Fall 2016!!
Looking for a special hands-on marine biology program for your group?

In partnership with the Oceans Science Centre of Memorial University and Oceans Learning Partnership, we are offering an “Ocean Evening” complete with a travelling touch tank full of live animals native to our area including rock crabs, spider crabs, sea stars (starfish), sea cucumbers, scallops, sea urchins, and more! Participants will learn all about the interesting ecology of these fascinating creatures, such as how they survive in cold water, grow, eat, behave, and gain a new appreciation for the animals that live all around our coasts and deep seas.

This program is offered September – November, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings for groups up to 20 people, with suggested timing (flexible) of 6:30-8pm. A marine educator will deliver the touch tank program and a Manuels River interpreter will assist with other marine-themed programming as well. The cost for the evening is $180+HST.

To check availability and book, please contact or 834 2099 ext. 203.


camp touch tank summer 2015

©David Howells 2014

Sea Star Photo ©David Howells 2014


Some of the species that might be included in your program:

Rhodoliths (coralline algae)

Smooth sunstars, polar stars, and common sea stars

Sea urchins

Rock crabs, hermit crabs, and spider crabs

Sea cucumbers

Sea scallops

Sand dollars

Brittle stars

Whelks, periwinkles, moon snail

Sea peaches


Blue mussels