Grades 4-6

Our interactive educational programming including downstream trail tours are available for grades 4 through 6. Our trails provide the perfect setting for outdoor learning with our enthusiastic, experienced interpreters. We can also develop and customize tours to focus on the geology, biology, or environment of the Manuels River valley. Programs are usually run from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, but start and end times can be adjusted to work with your school schedule.

Manuels River K-6 Fall 2018 school programs


Grade 4: Habitats

This program is in development and we hope to offer it shortly.

Grade 4: Rocks, Minerals and Erosion

This Adventure begins at the beach front (Worsley Park) where students will identify rocks in their natural environment; see where the rocks came from; and find out why the rocks on the beach are so smooth.

The Adventure will continue upstream along the river trail where students will hike back through time to the interpretation centre. They will see first-hand the effects of weathering and erosion as well as evidence of glaciations.

Grade 5: Human & Geological History of Manuels River

Students will go on a trail hike to learn about the long history of settlers around Manuels River, including the construction of the Newfoundland Railway, which connected Manuels to the city of St. John’s. On the hike, students will learn about interesting stories of local history, including German U-boats in the area, see apple trees in nearby field from early 1900’s farms, and learn about the eel fishery in the area.

They will also learn about the geological history of the area and make their very own “fossils” to take with them.

 Grade 6: Fossils, Evolution, and Natural Selection

Students will explore natural selection and evolution while creating an understanding of how species survive in an ever-changing environment. This fun and interactive tour includes role playing in a “survival of the fittest” game and encourages an understanding of the connection between a species’ traits (e.g. fur, bare skin, or feathers?), their habitat (e.g. forest, desert, river, etc.) and their overall chance of survival!

This Adventure is linked to Grade 6 curriculum outcomes in the “Life Sciences: Diversity of Life” Unit (both “The Animal Kingdom: Vertebrates and Invertebrates” as well as “Adaptations and Natural Selection”).