Grades 7-12

Our interactive educational programming including downstream trail tours are available for upper elementary school grades. Our trails provide the perfect setting for outdoor learning with our enthusiastic, experienced interpreters. We can also develop and customize tours to focus on the geology, biology, or environment of the Manuels River valley. Programs are usually run from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, but start and end times can be adjusted to work with your school schedule.

Manuels River 7-12 Fall 2018 school programs


Grade 7 – Interactions within Ecosystems:

Explore local ecosystems and the differences and interactions between biotic and abiotic factors while hiking along the river.  Through group games and activities learn about food webs and nutrient cycles.

Grade 7 – Earth’s Crust: The Mystery of the Missing Volcano

Learn about the Earth’s crust and collect geological data to determine what happened to an ancient volcano that once stood somewhere along Manuels River.

Grade 8 – Water Quality of Manuels River (Water Systems on Earth’s Surface)

Perform a series of abiotic and biotic water quality experiments to
determine the water quality of Manuels River. Hike along the river to learn about watersheds, factors that can affect river flow and some
possible sources of water pollution.

Earth Systems 3209 – Historic Geology

Get familiar with the theories and terms referencing geological history, followed by a look at the geological time scale and how the Manuels
River valley has been moulded over the past 630 million years. 

Biology 3201 – Biological History

Learn about the geological and biological history of the Earth and the
Manuels River valley.  Join us for a downstream hike on the river, passing through more than 40 million years of geological history, then search for 500 million year old trilobites.