Grades K-3

Our interactive educational programming including downstream trail tours are available for kindergarten through grade 3. Our trails provide the perfect setting for outdoor learning with our enthusiastic, experienced interpreters. We can also develop and customize tours to focus on the geology, biology, or environment of the Manuels River valley. Programs are usually run in the mornings only, but can be extended to include longer hikes, extra programming, or educational movies in our 52-seat theatre.


Kindergarten: Life Science – Butterflies

Grade 1: Plants

Grade 2: Fossils


Grade 3: Exploring Soils

The Adventure will begin in the Interpretation Centre, where students will watch and participate in a series of interactive, hands-on demonstrations with different types of soils and sands. Through these demonstrations they will learn about soil porosity and settling rates as well as how plants help to prevent erosion, absorption and run-off.

Students will then be divided into two groups. One group will head out with an interpreter onto our river trail to find real-life examples of soil erosion and participate in an active outdoor game where each child plays the role of a soil particle or a water molecule. While this is happening the second group will be inside with a second interpreter where they will learn about soil profiles and soil composition through a hands on activity. The groups will then switch allowing everyone to participate in each activity.