Scouts & Guides

Bring your group for science, nature, adventure, and fun!

Evening or daytime visits can take place during any month of the year, and cost $7.00+HST per participant and for every 10 children you receive 1 leader free! We can do hands-on “wacky science” experiments, scavenger hunts, play games, make crafts, and of course take a hike along the river trail to learn about the geology of the river! Programs can be geared towards achieving badge requirements (e.g. Observer badge, Hiking badge, Black Star, etc.). All activities can be adapted to take place entirely indoors in the case of inclement weather – we very rarely will cancel programs but simply move our activities indoors!

Program options (generally 1.5 hours):

Indoor programs suitable for any time of year: Crystals, Rocks and Fossils (Geology), Wacky Science (hands-on experiments), Buoyancy, Migration, Habitats, Ecosystems


Winter-themed programs: Glaciers, Snowflakes, Science of the movie “Frozen”, Hibernation


Programs ideal for spring or summer: Geocaching, Water Quality, Soils, Night Hikes, Birds, Evening campfires (weather permitting), Plants, Trees, Seeds




Book an overnight sleepover in our Interpretation Centre! A fun way for your group to experience more at Manuels River. Two of our experienced, enthusiastic interpreters will run fun themed programming (see above and below) with your group in the evening, and then afterwards our groups usually also watch one of our kid-friendly movies in our theatre, or have a bonfire and roast marshmallows near our Centre, weather permitting. You can also set up your own tents for the experience of indoor camping!

Seasons: The months of January, February, March, and April are available for sleepovers. (As a sleepover involves booking and closing the entire facility for the evening, we are unfortunately unable to host sleepovers in the summer or fall months due to the Centre being fully booked hosting weddings, nor in November or December as we are fully booked hosting holiday parties.)

Breakfast: We also provide a continental breakfast for all of your participants and leaders with toast and jam, cereal and milk, juice (e.g. apple and orange), fruit (e.g. apples, oranges, and/or bananas), yogurt, granola bars or mini muffins, etc. for your group in the morning. (We provide the cups, dishes, and cutlery too!)

Timing: Sleepovers start at 6:30 pm, and the pick-up time in the morning is 10 am, but if these times do not work for your group please let us know and we can set alternate times.

Payment: There is a $65.00+HST non-refundable deposit that must be paid to confirm a sleepover booking with the centre. The cost of sleepovers is $34+HST per participant, with 1 leader free for every 10 children. The deposit will be subtracted from the remaining balance on the evening of the sleepover. We can accept cash, cheque (please make cheques out to Manuels River Natural Heritage Society), credit, and debit. We will ask for full payment from your leaders before commencing Manuels River activities.

Our current sleepover programs are:

‘Rocks & Fossils’ Sleepover

Typical activities (may change based on weather and interest)


  1. Arrive and set up
  2. Icebreaker games
  3. Trail Hike
  4. Exhibit Tour
  5. Fossil Dig
  6. Fossil Molds and Casts
  7. Rock Cycle Game
  8. My Rock Report (time permitting)
  9. Rock Experiments (time permitting)
  10. Snack Time (snacks provided by your group)
  11. Movie: Wall-e (8:30-9:00 pm ish)
  12. Bedtime!


  1. Breakfast (provided by the Centre)
  2. Exhibit Scavenger Hunt (can be used for Observer Badge)
  3. Trilobite Paper Cut Outs
  4. Pick up!


‘The Natural World’ Sleepover

Typical activities (may change based on weather and interest)

  1.  Arrive and set up
  2. Icebreaker games
  3. Grow your own crystals!
  4. Scavenger hunt (can be used for the Observer Badge)
  5. Night hike
  6. Snack time! (snacks provided by your group)
  7. Movie in our Theatre – Disneynature Oceans, Wings of Life, or Chimpanzee! (or Owl Mobile Challenge)
  8. Bedtime


  1. Breakfast (provided by the Centre) & pack up
  2. Finish crystal growing experiment
  3. Guided nature hike on trails
  4. Pick up


Water Sleepover

Details to be posted shortly!


Birds Sleepover

Typical activities (may change based on weather and interest)

  1. Arrive and set up
  2. Icebreaker games
  3. Bird ID game
  4. Owl talk
  5. Trail hike
  6. Craft/exhibit tour/story time
  7. Snack time! (snacks provided by your group)
  8. Movie in our Theatre (suggestion for this theme: Surf’s Up)
  9. Bedtime


  1. Breakfast (provided by the Centre) and pack up
  2. Bird Spy (on snowshoes if possible)
  3. Exhibit scavenger hunt if time
  4. Pick up

Wacky Science Sleepover

Typical activities (may change based on weather and interest)

  1. Arrive and set up
  2. Icebreaker games
  3. Grow your own crystals!
  4. Wacky Science Experiments and Activities
  5. Snack time! (snacks provided by your group)
  6. Movie in our Theatre
  7. Bedtime


  1. Breakfast (provided by the Centre) & pack up
  2. Finish crystal growing experiment
  3. Guided nature hike on trails
  4. Pick up



Brownie/Guide/Scout/Group programs Frequently Asked Questions

We know that many groups have to answer specific questions for safety and planning reasons, so here is some extra information. Some of these questions can also help you to fill our your Third Party Service Provider report if required.


Do you have first aid kits on site? How long is your EMS response time? Are your staff trained in first aid?

Yes, many! We have full first aid kits on the upper and lower levels of the building, one AED, plus mini first aid kits in the backpack of all staff when they are out on the trail with your group. Our EMS response time is under 30 minutes, and most of our staff are trained in varying levels of first aid such as Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, Advanced First Aid, etc. If you would like to know the specific certifications of the interpreters running your program please contact us.


Is there a deposit for Sleepovers and is it refundable?

There is a $65.00 +HST non-refundable deposit required for sleepover bookings. Once the deposit has been paid the sleepover has been booked with the Centre. The deposit will be applied to the cost of the program on the day of.


Do I get leaders for free for guides, scouts, beavers, brownies etc?

For Scouts and Guide groups (including brownies, cubs, sparks, pathfinders etc) we understand, here at the centre, there is a required ratio for these non-profit groups, and as a result we allow 1 leader free for every 10 participants for sleepovers and private tours!


Will the Centre be closed to other participants during our program?

The Interpretation Centre is host to a restaurant/café (Coffee Matters) on the upper level of the building that is open until 5:00 pm.  The actual exhibit space and the entirety of the lower level is closed to visitors during the evening of your program. All external doors on the lower level are always kept locked and the only public access to the building is the front door on the upper level, which is then locked once the restaurant closes for the evening.


Where do the groups sleep? Can I come and see the spaces?

Most groups will sleep in our Reception Hall, but smaller groups may be able to use our Discovery Room as well. If you would like to visit these rooms, please contact us and we will be happy to show you around our centre in preparation for your sleepover.


Is your tap water at the Centre safe to drink?

Yes, it definitely is!


What is your minimum number of participants?

Our minimum number is 15, for both the evening programs and the sleepovers. If you have a smaller group, you can still book a program with us and pay the cost of 15 participants, and then divide that full amount by the members in your group, so it would be slightly more expensive per participant. You can also come for one of our public Trail Tours (guided hikes) on the weekend if your group is fairly small.


Can you provide us with a receipt? Will HST be shown separately on it?

Yes and yes!


Can we go geocaching or snowshoeing?

Yes, weather permitting! Please let us know that you are interested in these options and we can fit it into your evening or sleepover program.


What movies can you play?

Please see our Theatre page for a list!


Contact for more information or to check if your preferred night is available.