Things to Know

Trail Rules

It is important to know that the Manuels River trails are for walking and jogging pedestrians only.

All dogs must be on-leash at all times – you should be aware that you can be ticketed by Town of CBS enforcement officials and humane services for having a dog off-leash on the trails. You must always be prepared to stoop and scoop – leaving pet waste on the ground is illegal, even if it is in a bag, and makes for an unpleasant experience for other trail users and their pets.

Littering is prohibited, please respect the environment and always carry out your trash and pet waste, or feel free to deposit in one of the many garbage cans positioned along the trails.

Please see here for a recent notice by the Town of CBS regarding these rules and associated bylaws for T’Railway users.

In order to keep Manuels River safe to the public and environmentally healthy, please note the following restrictions:

  • Motorized vehicles including dirt bikes and ATV’s are not to be ridden on the Manuels River trails.
  • Alcohol and drugs are banned on the Manuels River trails.
  • Fires are extremely dangerous to the forest and so are prohibited on Manuels River and on the trails.
  • Littering is forbidden on Manuels River and on the trails.
  • Building dams or otherwise altering the river’s ability to flow naturally is forbidden.
  • Depositing substances in the water that cause pollution (especially dish soap and bubble bath, but in general anything other than water) is prohibited in Manuels River.
  • Vandalism and grafitti are forbidden on the Manuels River trails and on the River system.

If you have any concerns with the trail conditions or notice anything that should be brought to our attention, please feel free to report to us either directly at the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre front desk or call us at (709) 834-2099 ext. 204. Thanks!