Trail Safety

Enjoy Our Trails Safely

While our trails are very pleasant and offer a scenic, wilderness-style experience within minutes of civilization, please be careful and safe when hiking or jogging.

Some sections of trail are naturally rugged, which adds to the character and natural experience of the trail system. You should be prepared to encounter elevation changes as you descend or ascend the river valley. While the grade can be steep, there are steps that bring you up or down in any places where steps are necessary.

Some sections of trail are very gentle too, and in excellent condition, while other sections are on the list for future enhancement and have experienced natural periods of erosion. Expect occasional uneven footing and mildly exposed roots in some spots. Some areas of the river can also experience flooding at certain times of the year, so you should also be aware that sometimes the trail can be wet in those sections.

While the river rocks look interesting and you may be tempted to walk on them, please use caution. These rocks are very slippery when wet and some may be unstable and may roll if stepped on.

Additionally while the water may look inviting on a hot summer’s day, please be aware that the current can increase suddenly if it starts to rain, or during and after stormy periods. Any swimming is at the hiker’s own risk.

Closed toe footwear is also recommended when hiking on the Manuels River trails.

Motorised vehicles are not permitted on the Manuels River trails.

Have a safe and enjoyable experience on our trails!

If you have any concerns with the trail conditions or notice anything that should be brought to our attention, please feel free to report to us either directly at the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre or call us at (709) 834-2099. Thanks!